BCN LEATHER     Nappas Footwear & LeatherGoods
    The collection of skins for Footwear is built from sheepskins tanned increasing compactness and ensuring the ideal
body for use in footwear and sought some basic articles of high quality for those looking for a soft and natural hand
without losing the body must have a piece of shoes or a handbag.

    We have also developed some basic items for Footwear and especially for Leather Goods from bovine hides.
The collection manufactured in Portugal, in the area of Alcanena either from Portuguese skins and Brazil that are
imported in Wet Blue and finished in Portugal.

    We have also initiated the importation of skins tanned in India, which give us a very high natural quality articles  in
either Semi Aniline or Semi Pigmented. We got a great hand at very attractive prices.